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UVIC Introduction

The tale of UVIC Group's rapid growth dates back to 2003. Over the past decade, UVIC has provided tens of thousands of cross-border migrants and overseas students with products of a diversified range and customer services of unrivalled quality in education, immigration, investment, media and technology. Headquartered in the heart of central London and two more offices in Manchester and Newcastle, UVIC has established a network of regional centres, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha and Beijing, as well as strategic partners in both Europe and Asia.
UVIC is one of the leading education consultancy providers, and also the largest immigration service centre in the UK. UVIC’s media division has established strategic long-term partnerships with BBC, Financial Times, and CCTV in addition to a large number of other international media platforms, collectively generating an impressive portfolio of high quality news, documentaries as well as in-depth commentaries and investigations.

UK Visa and Immigration Centre is one brand under the UVIC Group. As the largest visa and immigration organisation in the the UK, we provide not only authoritative UK immigration and visa services, but also offer immigrants rich resources to help them invest, establish businesses and network after arriving to the UK. UVIC is a leading pioneer in the field of immigration law.

Reliable Professional Team

UVIC is the leading immigration and visa service agency appointed by many transnational enterprises, NGOs and universities in the UK. UVIC has over ten years of experience in UK immigration law consultation and services. It has a professional team of immigration solicitors with strong legal backgrounds, and it strives to provide unparalleled legal consultation services.

One-stop Service

UVIC provides one-stop immigration service to thousands of premium clients, who wish to establish businesses, invest, purchase properties and enrol their children in globally recognised educational institutions in the UK.

Customised Service

UVIC’s professional immigration team works closely with clients. We seek to create a precise and suitable immigration plan especially tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Strong Political and Business Network

UVIC has established strategic partnerships with various British governmental bodies and chambers of commerce, and has maintained long-term collaborations with different well-known private banks and investment companies.

High-end Client Resources

The high-end client resources that UVIC has accumulated create an effective platform, which offers a strong business and immigration network for sharing wealth, opportunities and information. UVIC’s leading expertise enables our clients to realise their dreams of embarking on a new journey in the UK.

UK Visa and International Education Centre (UVIC) is one brand under the UVIC Group. It is a reliable education and visa service agency authorised by UCAS, OISC, ILPA and more than 100 British universities. UVIC was the first professional agency to be granted an operating license by UCAS, OISC, ILPA and CIOL and is currently the largest education promotion and visa service agency in the UK.

UVIC services are unique and differ from those of common visa and international education agencies. As an official recruitment partner of more than 100 British universities, colleges and schools, UVIC provides not only efficient university and visa application services for hundreds of prospective students, but also offers extensive follow-up services in the UK, including airport pick-up, accommodation services, free legal support services, student internships and employment, and high-profile events. These follow-up services cover almost every aspect of international student life, providing students with wide-ranging support to help them adapt to British culture and life more quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, UVIC also provides professional British education support for a huge number of international education agencies, as well as universities and colleges outside of the UK. UVIC has established many collaborative educational programmes with universities and education agencies outside of the UK through close co-operation with many British universities. UVIC helps students from collaborating institutions with their applications to universities and provides them with attentive follow-up services.

UniFair, operated by UVIC, is one of the largest and most influential university fairs in the world. Each fair attracts nearly a hundred world-famous universities and students from more than 100 countries. The fair is an important face-to-face communication channel between university recruitment staff and international students.

UVIC operates myOffer®, the world-leading intelligent platform for university applications, which enables international students from all over the world to search for, compare and apply to universities online for free. As a smart application portal, myOffer® has transformed the traditional approach to university applications. All the senior tutors on the platform are or were professors, lecturers or outstanding graduates from overseas higher education institutions. They provide tailored services based on the most complete and transparent major database of global universities, resulting in more effective and efficient applications for international students.

UVIC also operates the SuperMentor scheme with over 53 stimulating sessions hosted throughout 2017. SuperMentor sessions provide a webinar-style social media platform with Chinese WeChat connectivity, allowing lecturers, graduates and representatives of UVIC’s partner universities to relate their experiences of their specific academic disciplines and employability prospects. UVIC is instrumental in providing technology guidance and support to SuperMentor participants from institutions such as Coventry University, University of Kent and University of Nottingham. The content presented so far has varied from automotive engineering, architecture and international politics. Each session attracts large live audiences who participate in interactive bilingual Q&A sessions. In addition, SuperMentor attracts hundreds of post-session views and student inquiries. Students are keenly interested in understanding more about the practical path and prior qualifications needed to study their chosen major at higher education institutions abroad and SuperMentor provides much needed transparency and engagement in this regard.